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Obama, terror, and the banking crisis, part 2 - the money trail, and reasons why

PREFACE: It appears that the FBI is investigating ACORN. If they are willing to follow the money trail, we may soon have definitive answers where right now we have only tantalizing hints. If not - if they only investigate ACORN's ongoing vote fraud schemes, and fail to pursue the networks that finance them, it will be like tearing up a weed at the stem, while leaving the root system in place. You will not see it, as it lies beneath the surface, but it will soon generate new leaves and flowers, and move once more to choke the Garden of our Democracy.

Read Part 1: The Players.

Yesterday, I sketched the major players in this ongoing, and highly effective plan, to influence the American election with foreign money. Continuing the weed analogy, what we are looking at here is merely one root of the entire system - there are potentially more international money men feeding the system, and potentially more channels by which the money is brought into the US. The one here may be the biggest, as it is always easiest to see the biggest root, and pulling it up and exposing it may be enough to kill the weed completely, or to expose the larger web of tendrils below.

How does this plan work?

Simply, this is how it is believed to work: Cherif Sedky, using the blanket protection of attorney-client privilege, is the liaison between representatives of the Obama campaign and the wealthy Saudi financier Sheik Khalid bin Mahfouz. This is the channel through which requests are made: as bin Mahfouz is under close watch by US and allied governments, no money is ever passed through this channel. "Khalid Ganzal", real name "Charlie" Wambu, served as the contact between bin Mahfouz and the front company Baker-Wambu & Associates, which is composed of two women: Muthoni Wambu, a confident of the Biden campaign (current role in the Obama/Biden campaign undetermined), and Vera Baker, former Finance Director of the Obama Senate campaign, now stationed in Martinique, a Caribbean island amid a plethora of tax havens and grey market offshore banking concerns. The money flows from bin Mahfouz, likely using "Charlie" Wambu as a courier, to Vera Baker in the Caribbean, where the money is laundered to the Obama campaign. The pre-existing Baker/Wambu partnership likely explains Obama's choice of Joe Biden over the considerably more popular Hillary Clinton - one can imagine Clinton's rage were she to discover the methods that Obama used to stop her primary campaign. Biden, through Wambu, has likely been aware of this, if not actively involved, for some time.

How is the money brought into the US?

There are several methods. Current campaign finance law does not require contributions under $100 to be registered with the FEC; therefore, it would be simple for a person to send a series of small donations, routed through a hundred parallel dummy bank accounts, directly to the Obama campaign. This is how the "official" campaign coffers are kept full.

There are also "off the books" methods, by which a substantial sum of money can be sent to an organization working in concert with, but not officially affiliated with, the Obama campaign. One organization which fits this bill is ACORN. Nine years ago, ACORN was, supposedly without the knowledge of its board of directors, quietly funneling $1 million of "charity" into private accounts. This was, like the endless stream of proven voter fraud cases we have seen over the last 2 election cycles, dismissed as the work of a rogue "bad apple", but a tree which gives so many "bad apples" clearly has gone rotten to its core. ACORN can use money to pay its oh-so upstanding "volunteers", to quietly pay off people who may get too close to exposing their misdeeds, to pass quietly to other "grassroots" Leftist organizations, or for any other purpose imaginable. After years of practice, and using methods pioneered by Islamic terrorist groups, they are very, very good at making money vanish.

The following gloss is my own interpretation of what it means.
What is the purpose? (Besides winning the election, of course)?

People have done great work exposing the formative connections between Bill Ayers and the young Barack Obama. This is useful in demonstrating who Obama considers a "fellow traveler", but I believe it would be a mistake to think he has any particular connection to the ambitious, and now extremely powerful, Senator Obama. Ayers was a minor player in Chicago regional politics, a distinctly second-rate theorist, and, as an "activist" terrorist with the Weather Underground, an admitted failure. No longer useful, never especially gifted, and without any concrete political accomplishments - it is likely that Obama, steeped in the far more rigorous theory of "community organizing" Machiavelli Saul Alinsky, as well as the intellectual/academic Marxist tradition of the past century, views Ayers with contempt. Similarly, I would speculate, Rev. Wright - once useful as a player on the, insular, small stage of Chicago, now an embarrassment, and worse - an uninteresting embarrassment.

To an true acolyte of Alinsky, nothing matters except results, and the goal is to bring about a post-national, socialist "utopia" - a protean one important scholar has dubbed, quite aptly, Transnational Progressivism. A true acolyte of Marx and Engels understands that the first step in a class revolution is to "win the battle of democracy", for that will start the inexorable historical processes which will cause capitalism, and then the nation-state itself, to "whither away". Progressives, Left-liberals, and Leftists may not be able to understand what these brilliant, yet profoundly alienated and immoral, thinkers were proposing - one learns to appreciate early on the limited learning and mental capacity of the Leftist foot soldier. Yet they, whatever their particular, possibly modest, political program, are entranced by this vision. Imagine no possessions ... Imagine there's no country ... They will follow One who leads.

How to bring them, and others even less aware, fully to your side? Crisis. To "heighten the contradictions" is the revolutionary's goal, and make no mistake, this is a revolution. In the 90's, during ACORN's formative years, this was codified as the "Cloward-Piven Strategy", bringing the system into crisis by flooding the welfare roles, and then swooping in with a Socialist/Communist "solution". In the midst of the current financial crisis (brought about, intentionally or otherwise, by government intervention in the free market to flood the market with worthless, especially minority and immigrant, mortgages, with the help of ACORN), to a "Progressive Shock Doctrine". An excellent overview is here.

Tomorrow - part 3: Errata: sources and methods, loose ends tied up, and work needed in the coming weeks. There is precious little time. Comments welcome, as always.

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