Thursday, October 2, 2008

President Palin

What can I say? A home run, from the woman who should lead the Republican party into the decades ahead. A masterful, brilliant performance. Key points:

1. Her embrace of the current Vice-President, while not a popular position, is a principled one, and one that encourages those of us who wish to see VP Palin taking a very active role in the McCain administration. Excellent answer.

2. A direct attack, by name, on the MSM. This was a message she needed to get out, and - as "Sarah being Sarah" was so different from the distorted picture painted by the media - is one that will resonate with people. The pro-Obama bias of the media is obvious to everyone, inside the media and out. Again, a home run.

And Joe Biden - oh, was he there, too? He looked old and defeated to this observer, clearly expecting the silly media caricature to show up rather than the intelligent and powerful Sarah Palin. What better symbol for the Democrat "retreat to defeat" posture in the War on Terror, and in everything. Powerful, unapologetic conservatism - as represented by the first 5-6 years of the Bush administration - represents the best hope to restore America, not dour, defeatist Democrats.


Mike's America said...

How many times did Americans look at the television screen and see a smiling Sarah Palin looking right at the camera and communicating with comfort and ease.

Contrasted with Biden who often looked down, angry and then of course there was that large audible inhale of breath that reminded me of Al Gore's sighing.

Biden may have attempted to blunt the sharpness of Palin's statements with his obfuscating discussions on various Senate votes, but he can't counter Sarah's direct delivery.

Sarah won on so many levels.

Anonymous said...

So who are you really and why are you hiding by the name of dead conservative?