Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Taking off the gloves

The kind of bile we are up against:

And much, much more here. This is the filth being peddled by the Obama campaign and its water-carrying surrogates, and this is the filth which will soon be fed to the unwitting public by the uniformly pro-Obama MSM. However, the only person the MSM deems to be 'ugly' is Sarah Palin, for daring to broach the subject of Barack Obama's long and intimate association with terrorists and anti-American clerics. We are on the precipice.

In this climate, it becomes all the more critical that people who love their country, and hold true to conservative values, not make an enemy of moral clarity. I see too many conservatives - I restrain myself to not naming names - deluding themselves into believing that we are winning this fight. We are not. It is almost certain that Republicans will lose further seats in the House and Senate, and it is more likely than not that Barack Obama will be our next President.

I believe these people delude themselves in order to deflect from themselves the responsibility to speak the unpleasant truth. Barack Obama and the Democrat base - academia, Hollywood, and the rest of the elite self-declared Leftist bien pessant - are in league with terrorists, and the MSM has all but joined them. We do not have time to be coy or indirect in our charges, or to observe the precious social conventions which the MSM insists that conservatives - and conservatives alone - observe. The American people must understand the clear choice before them: between those who hold and will defend American values and freedoms, and those who have sympathy for the terrorists.

There will be those who seek to obscure this choice out of malice. I hope that conservatives will not do the same out of cowardice.

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