Tuesday, September 30, 2008

"There truly are none so blind as those who refuse to see"

Continuing discussion from the post below, "Willless" appears baffled by the thought that Democrats don't like the free market. I respond:

Willess, of course over-regulation led to this crisis. Pull your head out of the NY Times. Here's a secret: Democrats do not like free markets. Free markets prove Marxism is a lie. They seek to undermine them. They do this through regulation. They seek to eliminate them. They do this through nationalization. This isn't some theory I made up. This is exactly what they are planning to do, out in the open, while conservatives argue amongst themselves and agree with Barbara Lee, Dennis Kucinich, and the farthest-left wing of the Democratic party. They intend to use the crisis to enact a socialist/communist agenda while the populace is in "shock" from the economic effects caused by their failed socialist program. Here is one of an endless number of examples:


The liberal blogosphere, liberal political magazines, and the liberal policy class are ablaze with this kind of talk, but most people can't even be bothered to notice. The Democrats do not want to save Wall Street, they want to devour it. So-called "conservatives", like yourself, find this too scary, so they ignore it, and pretend it makes no sense, despite the fact that it could not be simpler or more apparent. How could this possibly be simpler? How could they make it any more obvious for you? The point of Democrat economics is render capitalism non-functional, and eliminate it entirely, to absorb the economy into the State, which they will control. People who dare to look at things as they are, and who are interested in what the governing philosophy of the Obama/Ayers administration will aspire to should read Thomas Sowell's "Marxism: Philosophy and Economics", which is a very readable and illuminating treatment of the fountain from which Obama, his 60's radical friends, and the ascendant Leftist power structure of the Democrat party draw their ideas. Fake conservatives like the aptly-named Willless should continue to express open-mouthed astonishment at the proposition that the Sun will rise tomorrow morning.

Perhaps a bit harsh, but the blindness - the willful blindness - which has taken over so much of the conservative movement elite, and has even seeped down to weaken the usually stalwart base. We need a leader like Reagan to raise us to meet this challenge. We have ... John McCain, king of RINOs. We also have Sarah Palin, Reagan's likely heir, but the McCain campaign is afraid to put her out there, for fear of upsetting his secularist, liberal, champagne socialist "friends" in the MSM. We need faith and hope to feed our strength at this crucial, historical moment, but we are tested Lord. Lord, we are tested sorely.

... Folks who are honestly confused as to how Democrat over-regulation caused this mess should watch this video:

(The video I linked to earlier, which is substantially the same, was pulled from Youtube "due to a copyright claim by Warner Music Group". Warner has also forced the McCain campaign to pull many of its videos. Coincidence, or in the tank? That's one crowded tank.)

Although some have suggested it, I personally doubt that the Democrats planned this wwhole thing out. (I mean, if they were that smart, why would they be Democrats?) But they are cunning and devious enough to use every failure to their advantage, and the Republicans - and especially McCain and the sleepwalking Bush - are lost and confused. You can't trust them to do the smart thing, and you can't trust the MSM to tell you the truth. Educate yourselves, for your country's sake.

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