Monday, September 29, 2008

It's a plan

Jeff G. sees what is going on:

Did Pelosi intentionally sabotage the vote so that the media, already in the bag for Obama, would have cover to blame the Republicans for the bill’s failure?

And if so, is there any more transparent ploy to put power over the welfare of the country — if in fact the Democrats truly believe that we need this bail out?

Congress has a 10% approval rate. Time for the McCain camp and the rest of the GOP to put out ads that lambaste the Dems for their craven ploys. Otherwise, we may as well kiss classical liberalism goodbye.

That is the plan. I'd say it's a "secret plan", but it's all out in the open. Do conservatives - and the Republicans who still have jobs - have what it takes to stop them? Or are we going to go the safe "McCain" route, selling out our principles so Leftists and Media Elites will pat us on our heads?

Where is our Reagan?

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