Sunday, September 28, 2008

A religion of peace

My favorite liberal, Marty Peretz, thinking about Somali pirates, offers an observation one just can't offer too often:

Isn't there some real sense that Arab countries and Arab societies provide the world with too much of its news? [emphasis mine.]

Like today's: 17 people were killed in Damascus in a car bomb attack. A state-run news service, Cham Press, said it didn't "blame anyone else for this satanic attack apart from Israel."

You can't observe it too often because it never, ever stops. Everything is the fault of the US and Israel. Everything. A thousand years of cultural decay and nothing of substance or value created, and that's all Israel's fault, too. They are so satanic that they can ruin things centuries before they existed, those devious Yanqui imperialists and Jooooooos.

And we're supposed to wonder "why they hate us". Anyone wonder why I hate them?

Rantburg has more on the bombing. Allah really blesses you guys.

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